If you are considering purchasing a new manufactured home now is the time to do so! Home shopping can be stressful and overwhelming but at Titan we are 100% ready to work for you so you can be in a new home by the end of this year. Titan offers the best manufactured and modular homes on the market, here are our top 5 reasons you should get a new home this winter!

The first thing that most families worry about when purchasing a new home is “what is it going to cost?” Well Titan has got great news, for the first time in years we are seeing prices stabilize and even decrease! While this is great news we are not certain how long it will last, this is why you need to come in immediately to lock in an affordable price for your new mobile home or tiny home. To get more Information on how to qualify read our blog on how to finance a Titan home!


Another reason that you should consider purchasing your prefab home now is that even though interest rates are higher than they used to be you are able to “Date The Rate, And Marry The House” what this means is that you can lock in the price of the home now when prices are low and refinance it later for a better interest rate. Another way to keep your interest rate down is to put down a strong down payment, our housing consultants are experts when it comes to financing mobile homes and we are ready to work for you!

If you are in need of land then there is no better time to buy than now! Land is readily available but is going fast, Titan has options in communities or acres of land that you can put your dream manufactured or tiny home on! We predict that this winter there will be more land than ever available with this influx in land options. The cost of land may go down as well, if you need an affordable piece of land to put your home on then now is the time, for those who have land checkout our land owners deal!


Another reason to consider buying a new manufactured home this winter is that there is a shorter waitlist for custom built homes! If you are wanting a customized mobile home then now is the time to buy. Our factory waitlist is shorter than ever and supply chain shortages are beginning to level out. If you are interested in customizing a mobile home, read our blog on how to customize your mobile or modular home!

Our last reason to buy a Singe wide or Double Wide home this winter is because our homes are Champion built and energy efficient and will help keep you warm this winter. Champion homes was the first manufactured home builder to receive an energy star certification, if you value quality and longevity then don't wait any longer now is the time to buy your dream champion built home!


Purchasing a home can be stressful and overwhelming but this winter is the season to buy! Whether you have land or not Titan is dedicated to helping you and your family get into a new modular or manufactured home this holiday season, this opportunity wont last long so be sure to schedule an appointment today!

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