Amid the hustle and bustle of life, consider downsizing your home to one of Titan’s custom built tiny homes. It's not just about downsizing; it's about finding simplicity without sacrificing comfort, unlocking savings for a life well-lived, and indulging in the luxury of a thoughtfully designed manufactured home. Keep reading and explore the tiny homes Titan has to offer, where simplicity, savings, and luxury come together to make the perfect prefab tiny home!


If you have ever thought about downsizing and living a simpler life then a prefab tiny home may be the right choice for you and your lifestyle! Titan offers 7 different unique floor plans each under 700 SQ FT that are the perfect tiny living option if you are looking to downsize. By simplifying your life and home you’ll spend less time on cleaning and  maintenance and more time on the things you care about! These prefab tiny homes are the perfect option if you have been looking to downsize to a custom built tiny home.

Titan Factory Direct's custom built tiny homes can also be a way to give you more freedom financially as their small size requires less land to be put on, less maintenance, and lower utility bills. A custom built tiny home can be a pathway to substantial monthly and yearly savings. From trimming utility bills to minimizing maintenance costs, Titan's custom built tiny homes empower you to redirect your  financial resources toward experiences, passions, and a life that resonates with you! These small manufactured homes are more than just a home, they are lifestyle!


Luxury isn't confined to spacious mansions as Titans  manufactured homes feature luxurious details in every corner. Experience the luxury of smart design, where every square inch is optimized to make this small manufactured home feel like home. From high-end finishes to ingenious storage solutions, Titan's commitment to luxury in tiny living is woven into the fabric of each manufactured home. Step into a space where luxury is not a sacrifice but an enhancement, where opulence is redefined in the intimate setting of a meticulously designed prefab tiny home.


Titan’s prefab tiny home is more than just a dwelling; it's a cozy haven where simplicity and savings meet, and luxury is woven into every corner. If you're interested in our luxury manufactured homes and want a custom built tiny home then contact us to begin your tiny living journey!

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