If you are in the market for a modular home or manufactured home you may start to think about how to finance a Titan home, well fear not! We are going to go over the financing basics! When looking for a mobile home dealer you want to go somewhere that is going to work with you, that's why at Titan we work with 8 different lenders and have affordable home buyer programs. Here at Titan we are flexible and transparent when it comes to financing because we believe everyone deserves a luxurious and affordable manufactured home. Read on and find out what your next step is!

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Something that many people worry about when thinking about how to finance a Titan home is their credit score. While your credit score is a factor it is not as impactful as some may think, the minimum credit score that Titan can work with is 400, but the higher your credit the lower your down payment can be. Another question you may have when learning how to finance a Titan home is what is the ideal credit score and our answer to that is 600+. If you have land that can also impact how to finance a Titan home, for those with land fully paid off and in their name they can also expect for lenders to be more flexible on credit! When looking to finance an affordable manufactured home don't let credit get in your way we have options for you!

The second factor for getting financing for an affordable manufactured home is your down payment! For our land owners we have 0 down options but you can always put down a down payment to reduce your monthly payment. Currently most of our customers are putting anywhere between $5,000-$20,000 down on an affordable manufactured home, something to keep in mind for down payments is that they affect your interest rates so having a strong down payment can help you save money in the long run! If having a low monthly payment for your affordable manufactured home is a priority to you then putting down a strong down payment will help with that as well. If you are looking for a mobile home dealer that is going to work with you on down payments then look no further Titan has you covered!

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The last factor in qualifying for a mobile home is your income, while other mobile home dealers may not have affordable home buyer programs Titan does! At Titan housing is our passion so we care more than other mobile home dealers because every family deserves a home, the biggest requirement is to have a  W-2 employer or 2 years of tax returns if you are self employed. Your income determines your approval so the more income you have the higher your approval amount is, your monthly income also includes any child support, alimony, retirement, Social Security, or Disability pay that you may receive. If you are looking for a mobile home dealer that cares and will work with you then look no further than Titan, where you can feel confident when you know how to finance with Titan!

If you are in the market for an affordable manufactured home from a mobile home dealer that you can trust and has flexible lenders then Titan is the perfect fit for you! Learning how to finance a Titan home can be stressful, that's why we take the pressure off of you and let our in-house financing specialist crunch the numbers, to meet with the financing specialist schedule and appointment today!

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