000648_d753d60015be4d7290d51864f89a6423_mv2_d_3863_2578_s_4_2Mother’s Day is important pretty much across the board for mothers of all ages, but a woman’s first Mother’s Day is a once in a lifetime moment (and memory). If the special lady in your life is celebrating her very first Mother’s Day, make it one that she will never forget.

While she will have many more to come, it’s the perfect excuse to give her even more attention. Being a new mom is tiring and rewarding at the same time. Here are a few ideas of our favorite gifts for the new moms on Mother’s Day.



Flowers for a New Mom on Mother’s Days-197278aa30c50fef5e9f935c731ae0847916112d

Even the simplest gestures can make for an amazing day. Getting a new mom flowers for Mother’s Day will do just that. They will brighten up her home, add a pleasant scent, and be a constant reminder that she is loved on her special day. Whether you are sending it to your wife, best friend, sister, or coworker, try giving out some New Mother's Day flowers or the edible kind. They may not take up a lot of room on the table, but we can promise that they will take up a lot of space in her heart.


Let Mom Sleep Inshutterstock_565177339

Being a new mom often means no sleep, or at the very least limited sleep. Between feedings, crying, and added stress, one of the best gifts you can give a new mom is uninterrupted, blissful sleep. It might be a challenge to pull this gift off, but we can promise you that it’ll pay off in the end. Take care of the baby, get out of the house, and let the peace and quiet consume her.


Breakfast in Bedcafé na cama - 2

Top off letting mom sleep in with a little breakfast in bed. Who wouldn’t like waking up and then being admired on. Let her stay comfy in bed and bring her a breakfast that she will dream about for mornings to come. Top it off with a warm cup of tea to keep the relaxation going and let her binge watch a few episodes on Netflix or catch the latest movie release. Try out these yummy goodness breakfast in bed ideas


Mom and Baby Photo Shootbaby-beach-session

Mark her first Mother’s Day special photo with a photoshoot for just her and baby. While Dad can certainly be in a few photos, make the session all about her. Then you can repeat the gift for Father’s Day to give Dad his time to shine. Whether you want to hire a professional or know someone who is handy with a camera, spend some time capturing the day’s perfect moments. It would be even cuter if you were able to gift the new mom and baby with matching outfits.


Baby Handprints and Footprint DIY GiftIMG_9101c

Surprise a new mom with a beautiful DIY commemorative gift made from the baby’s hands and feet, that will mark a milestone in both her and her baby’s life. You can even turn them it into a first Mother’s Day card and include a sweet message inside to make her day. This is the perfect gift that she can keep forever. It could also start a tradition of yearly prints!


Mother-And-Baby-In-The-OutdoorsShopping for a new mom on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make it an extra special day that so she can remember it being wonderful for years to come. She will never get a first Mother’s Day again.


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