RM 3248B kitchen 1When deciding to become a homeowner and interested in manufactured housing. You ever ask the question...

What's the difference between a mobile, maufactured and modular home?


The terms are related, but there are distinct differences. The term "mobile home" is used to refer to what used to be known as "trailers," typically small, inexpensive homes that were on wheels and could be moved from one site to another without any trouble. In the years following World War II, they were built in great numbers because they could be produced quickly to meet a real need for affordable housing.


61998954_10156083345310925_3602817729813282816_oManufactured homes are built with the same materials as site built homes. They arrive at their permanent sites with wheels still attached, the wheels are removed and the homes are attached permanently to an in-ground foundation. They are held to building codes the same way that site built homes. The main difference between the two building methods is that 80% of the building process for manufactured homes is in a climate controlled factory. The home is then transported to the site and installed on permanent foundations, which is completed by professional installers.

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Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 11.28.46 AMModular construction is just what it sounds like. Factory-built modules that can be combined in many ways at a physical site. Modular home construction is becoming more and more popular these days as future homeowners recognize the time and cost savings that come with this type of housing. The construction is done indoors with regularly employed experts and no weather delays. Some modular homes can even be completed in as little as a month.

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28701422_1702424516462366_2435078478968964981_oPark Homes are a newer "invention," with many of the same advantages of both recreational vehicles and mobile homes. They are limited in size to 400 square feet, are built in the same factories and to similar standards as manufactured housing, but are designed to be semi-permanent "cabins" or recreational housing, placed in camping areas or "trailer parks," but tied to existing utilities to provide home-like comfort.

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