Happy Holidays! The winter holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year to make some changes to our home and to celebrate the season. If you haven't already decorated your home, here are a few tips to take to get into the holiday cheer.

The holiday season is all about making memories, and why not start by adding in family traditions and a touch of Christmas spirit into your holiday decorations.


TP3248E kitchen 3

The Estrella model is one of our favorite floor plans. The large chef-inspired kitchen with the large island, open floor plan and windows that let in lots of natural light in make The Estrella the perfect choice for our holiday home.

Everything that is used for the decor can be bought from your local discount shops, home decor shops or your very own collection, so it can be very affordable, which means you can transform your home for the holidays in an affordable way, too. 


Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect holiday look for your home! To get more into the holiday spirit, as you begin to decorate your home and start wrapping gifts for friends and family, play your favorite holiday playlist. Check out our favorite Titan Christmas playlist. 




First, Traditional Christmas Decor

TP3248E dining 2

Choose a Color Scheme and Stick To It: Sales are amazing! Especially during the holiday season. It can be really easy to find a sale and think "I need to buy everything that’s a great deal". Be sure you decide on a color scheme and stick to your plan. You will end up with the decor that represents your vision and work well together.

TP3248E kitchen 2

For the traditional holiday decor, you can changed out your plates, napkins and accessories to give a warm, inviting feel to the home. Add your own touch of personality for a unique, one of a kind look.


TP3248E living room 4

The tree we added to the corner of the living space is a great focal point to flow into the dining area.


TP3248E living room 3-1

We are loving the pop of the red decor pillows arranged in the living room space. They are always an inexpensive way to add flair and character to any room. Are you a garland lover? Add a few multi-color lights and place at every doorway.




Adding Personal Touches

Have the little ones made any Christmas DIY ornaments? Do you have a special ornament for each of the family members? Add them into your decor! Family ornaments and decorations always add the perfect touch of uniqueness and is always a perfect way to choose a theme that means something to you.  

When you're done and completed your home masterpiece, take a moment to light a candle and savor the magic that the holidays bring. Enjoy the Holidays and cherish the precious moments to share for a lifetime. 

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