Affordable housing continues to be a persistent issue across the United States for both individuals and families. In a move to alleviate housing concerns, companies are taking a more active role in trying to solve the affordable housing crisis.

Technology titan, Google, recently announced their plans to spend $30 million to purchase 300 modular homes that will serve as employee short-term housing near Googleplex in Silicon Valley, California. The region is home to many of the world's largest technology companies, but the finite amount of space and limited appetite for new construction have sent housing prices soaring.

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With rising home prices and renting cost increases, modular homes are growing in popularity with many builders switching from traditional site building to modular systems. In fact, modular homes are completetly indistingushable from traditional site-built homes. The only meaningful difference is that modular homes are built inside of a factory. The entire house is constructed in sections inside the climate-controlled factory, then transported and installed adhering to federal building code standards. To learn more about the advantages of modular homes, read our blog post, Modular Homes: Reasons to Consider Going Modular


Google is not the only company taking initiative to help their employees with housing. Apple has begun moving thousands of its workforce into Apple Park, the company's new 2.8 million square foot circular builiding in Cupertino, CA. Additionally, Facebook has pledged to plan and design 1,500 homes - of which 15% will be classified as affordable housing. Similar arrangements have been deployed to mititage housing shortages across the US, including in Miami, Detroit and New York. 

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