A lot of the realtors that I have encountered have been a bit unsure of what to do with manufactured homes. Understandably, until recently there has not been an abundance of information available about them, and the stigma definitely does not help. The fact of the matter, is that manufactured houses offer millions of families in the United States an affordable home, and somebody has to sell them! Our company has some realtors that are making $60,000 just from manufactured home sales.. So why aren't you one of them?

Manufactured homes are seen across the world. Before they were held to housing codes these homes were referred to as "mobile homes" and "trailer homes". Though they are often still referred to by these names, the correct term is "manufactured home". These houses are now built to strict housing codes, the only real difference between them and a site built home is that one was built inside a factory.  If you enjoy making easy money then read on, here are the top 3 reasons to start referring customers:

  1. Some manufactured home dealerships, Titan included, will pay you a referral fee in exchange for leads. This is easy cash for you, especially for those realtors that receive a lot of inquisitions about manufactured homes and are unsure of how to proceed.  
  2. Not a lot of competition. Because most realtors think only of site built homes, a whole market is missed out on. This turns something as simple as referring a customer into a lucrative area for realtors who do take advantage of it. 
  3. Its the right thing to do. Many realtors forget or ignore manufactured houses as a viable option for families. Not only does this do home buyers a disservice by not presenting all their options, but it also does the realtor a disservice by losing potential clients. 

 It is as simple as presenting the information, and we have plenty of free information for you! We simply want to get the awareness of this industry out there so that our customers have the opportunity to weigh all their options. Putting manufactured homes into a category of "ignore" is going to cost you money. The buyers are out there, the homes are there, it is just a matter of connecting your clients to the dealership, who will do the rest of the work and write you a check! For more information on realtors and manufactured homes see our article in the Texas Association of Realtors.


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