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                 It’s tax season and what better way to use your refund and purchase a brand-new manufactured home! There are plenty of perks if you do decide to go this route and purchase a mobile home. Did you know that you are able to customize the layout and decorate your prefab home to suit your taste? Using your tax refund can bring you one step closer to achieving the dream of being a homeowner.

                There are three ways that you can maximize the impact of your tax refund. As of right now we here at Titan are running a promotion where you can invest your tax refund into a manufactured home. You can use that amount as a huge down payment for a manufactured home. This will lower the amount needed to borrow and will also lower your interest that you’ll pay over the mobile home mortgage.

                Buying a mobile home may be a costly and on of the most important purchase you will ever make! So, if you aren’t ready to purchase a manufactured home just yet and are still in the planning stages, then you can use the refund to pay off some high interest credit cards. Paying off credit cards will improve your credit score, which can result in a better mortgage offer for a prefab mobile or modular home.


                Finally, another great way to use that tax refund when purchasing a prefab home is to create an emergency fund. When owning a prefab home an emergency fund is important to have and will help in the long run. An emergency fund is a saving account that you set aside with enough money for a few months of living expenses, including manufactured home mortgage, monthly bills, and anything else that you will need to get by. Should the unexpected happen, wouldn't you be glad that you started saving when you did?

                At Titan Factory Direct our Tax Refund promotion will be starting in February and ends in April 15th, so that means you have a chance to save BIG on a new manufactured home! We’d love to help you every step of the way! You can also view all our mobile homes and prefab homes in person by visiting your local design center  or calling your nearest location to set up an appointment.

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