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The Conroe CS1676P is another example of beautiful manufactured home design, made to be the perfect starter home for any new homeowner.

As you begin your home buying journey, you may be asking yourself "Which one is the BEST one for me?"...well, I am sorry to say but we have a hard time choosing our favorite too with all these amazing homes.

To make this decision a little harder, we are adding the beautiful Conroe to this weeks Home of the Week! With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,153 sq. ft., and one of our best Titan floor plans, we have a lot of features (and space) to cover, so let's get started!


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Can a Kitchen Really Be This Beautiful?

Um, that would be a yes. But we won't stop at just looks, we know you want to hear all about the amazing features this kitchen has to offer.

Simple, yet gorgeous. This farmhouse inspired manufactured home uses a mixture of white and gray throughout the kitchen that adds a clean feel to a modern design. With marble style countertops, you have a neutral backdrop for versatility in decorating your dream home.

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Manufactured home kitchen with lots of storage space and medium stained wood floors and easy access to mud-room. Let's talk for a second about our absolute favorite kitchen feature, the breakfast bar. Although sitting down at the kitchen table is always great for family time, let's face it, life is hectic...meaning it can often be hard to carve out time during the day to gather together. This breakfast bar is perfect for enjoying the short time during a quick breakfast before school or a late night hot snack session.


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A Spacious Master Bathroom

The perks of this lovely home doesn't just stop at the kitchen area, the master bathroom also has some fancy features of its own. Are you ready for this? A luxurious deep soaker tub with a  walk-in shower that is hidden off behind a wall giving  you ultimate privacy.

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Right next to the soaker tub is the double vanities perfect for giving your loved ones the space they need while still leaving room for yourself, of course!


We love this Home of the Week and we think you will too! Find out if the Conroe is available in your area and see more available homes.

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Are you ready to find your dream home?

Start shopping now or find a Titan Factory Direct home center in your area to learn more about our available home options and upgrades.


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