Mobile homes have been a popular housing option for many years. They offer a more affordable and flexible option for those who want to own their own home but do not have the resources or desire for a traditional site built home. One of the key differences between manufactured homes is whether they are single wide or double wide. Keep on reading and find out the main differences between these two types of mobile homes.

The primary difference between single wide and double wide mobile homes is their size. Single wide homes are typically no more than 16 feet wide, while double wide homes are usually no more than 30 feet wide. This means that double wide homes are almost twice as wide as single wide manufactured homes, offering more living space for homeowners. Due to their larger size, double wide homes typically have a more spacious layout than single wide homes. Double wide homes often have more bedrooms and bathrooms than single wide homes, as well as larger living areas and kitchens. In contrast, single wide homes are typically designed to be more compact, with a more efficient use of space.


The cost of a mobile home depends on various factors such as delivery distance, upgrades, and size. Generally, double wide homes are more expensive than single wide homes due to their larger size and additional features. However, this is not always the case, and the cost of a mobile home will depend on various factors. Titan carries many different upgrade options as well which can impact the final price of the home too!

Another difference between single wide and double wide mobile homes is the transportation and installation process. Single wide homes are designed to be transported as one unit and are typically easier to transport and install than double wide homes. Double wide homes require more careful transportation and installation, as they are transported in two separate sections and then joined together at the home site.


main differences between single wide and double wide mobile homes are their size, layout, cost, transportation and installation process. Both types of homes offer unique benefits and drawbacks, and the decision to choose between them will depend on individual needs and preferences. Whether you choose a single wide or double wide mobile home, they both provide an affordable and flexible housing option for homeowners. Want to learn more? Contact us!

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