Manufactured homes are just as simple to keep up with as site built homes. Did you know that if your home was built after 2002 that the parts you need for your home are often right at your local hardware store? In the past many materials required special ordering, but today that is not the case! With many options out there, maintaining your home does not have to be frustrating or expensive. Whether you are replacing your home's siding, or simply want to put in a more decorative door, there are affordable options out there!

Here are some tips for finding parts:

1. Do your research! A little compare and contrast could save you a ton in the long run. Find out your local stores' sales and promotions, this can help you to find the best deal! 

2. Take measurements! If you are replacing something, such as a door, window, refrigerator, it is important to know exactly what size area you are working with.

3. Plan ahead! If you know that you are going to be replacing your home's siding in the future, look at local store's sales and promotions. This will ensure that you find the best price.

4. Consult a professional. If you are unsure about the process for replacement or installation, ask! Contact your local dealership to see if they have an insider insight, or inquire in stores.

5. Check online sources. In today's world almost anything can be purchased online. Checking this resource is another great way to compare pricing. 

 As manufactured homes have gained popularity with homeowners, the demand for manufactured home parts has risen, resulting in a larger variety and availability. This is great news for homeowners! Staying on top of your home's maintenance is a great way to make sure that your home remains a valuable asset!  

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