A manufactured home requires maintenance just like any other home. As with any investment, maintenance is extremely important to ensure that your investment is protected. We have put together a list of the top ten ways to keep your home in great shape! 

1. Check the leveling of the home annually, unless you notice signs that the leveling could be off before then. This can be done with a carpenter's level. If, after measuring the level you find the home is not level a professional should be brought in. 


2. Have the roof coated with a durable roof coating annually. Check regularly for debris, and broken or missing shingles.


3. Watch for any areas of the frame that look scratched or damaged, as this can lead to rust and corrosion. You can touch up these scratches with a quality zinc chromate or asphaltic base paint.


4. Check caulking around vents, windows and doors for cracks and peeling. Recaulk these areas as necessary. 


5. If your manufactured home has vinyl siding it can be cleaned with water and detergent. In the case of mildew you can use a 1:3 solution of chlorine bleach and water, but be careful as mixing bleach with other chemicals can be dangerous.


6. Regularly checking your gutter system is an easy way to prevent foundation and roof damage. Clogged gutters can result in water damage and leaking.


7. If your interior walls have vinyl coverings they can be washed with a mild detergent such as Dawn. For more stubborn stains you can use a more heavy duty cleaner.


8. For ceiling stains repainting is always the best option. For spot treatments you can often cover stains with white chalk, shoe polish and soft erasers. 

9. If your home's heating system has a filter be sure to change or clean it annually. You can also clean the vents with a vacuum cleaner.


10. Avoid abrasive cleaning supplies on your fiberglass sinks, tubs and showers. These can cause discoloring to your fixtures. 


By following these suggestions you will be able to maintain your home for years to come, and ensure that the home's value does not drop due to wear and tear. Staying on top of any issues that come up prevents them from becoming major problems. 


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