As fall comes and the weather becomes colder there's no better time than now to get your energy efficient mobile home ready for winter and late fall. When you are winterizing manufactured homes your biggest concerns should be saving money, preventing damage, and trapping heat in, there are many easy and cost effective ways to do this. By creating a fall maintenance checklist for your Single Wide or Double Wide home you are sure to set yourself up to have a great holiday season!

Fall and winter  can be an expensive time for homeowners, even those who do have an energy efficient mobile home with a quality Champion build, as the cost of heating your home can climb during the holiday season. There are tricks however to boost your energy efficient mobile homes capabilities! The first thing you can do is flush out your water heater, this simple project can help your water heater run more efficiently by removing excess sediment and build up, by doing this you can save more water and electricity. Investing in thermal or blackout curtains for your energy efficient mobile home is another great step in reducing heat loss and saving money, simply keep them open during the day to allow heat in and closed tightly at night to stop excess heat from escaping. Another tip to saving money while winterizing your manufactured home is to re-calk all windows and doors to prevent heat from escaping through small cracks, by doing this you are sure to save money on your next electricity bill.


Another benefit of winterizing your manufactured home is preventing damage from occurring as the winter time is one of the most common times for leaks, house fires, and animal damage to occur. The most important step in keeping your family safe is to change the batteries in your smoke and CO2 detectors, this step in winterizing your manufactured home is a crucial step to keeping your family safe from any household accidents. Another important step when winterizing your manufactured home is securing the exterior of your home and exterminating any critters that may want to use your home as a warm hiding place over fall and winter. Your yearly manufactured or modular fall maintenance checklist should also include turning off sprinklers and insulating all exterior piping, by doing this you will prevent pipes from becoming damaged and leaking. Keeping your home safe and damage free is easy and saves you time and money!

Arguably the most important concern when creating a fall maintenance checklist  for your manufactured home or tiny home is trapping heat in the home, there are many tips you can use this winter to keep your family warm. First tip requires no tools and is an easy step to add to your winter maintenance checklist, reverse your ceiling fans, by doing this you create a gentle updraft that recirculates heat down. Securing your skirting and filling in any gaps is another great step to add to your winter maintenance checklist as it will help you reduce heat loss and stay warm. The last tip we have for maximizing your energy efficient mobile homes heat trapping abilities is to install foam vent covers on the outside of your home, this simple step prevents heat from escaping and will allow you to stay cozy all season long!  


Following these fall maintenance checklist tips is a great way to keep your family safe and warm this fall and winter, whether you have a site built or prefab home these tips are going to work for you! Winterizing your manufactured home is easy and will ensure that you have a great holiday season where you can focus your time on what's really important, your family.  Here at Titan we know that having an energy efficient mobile home is important for families who care about saving money and staying warm this winter, so plan your visit today!

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