You've made the decision to purchase a manufactured home for your piece of land. What's next?

The required work to prepare for the arrival of your new home may seem like a daunting task, but don't be overwhelmed. Titan Factory Direct is a full-service broker which means that we handle your transaction from start to finish, including getting the home onto your land and the onsite construction.  We have relationships with land experts and qualified contractors to assist with the site preparation and construction process for your dream home. Many people expect to pay out-of-pocket for these expenses. The truth is, we work with the best manufactured housing lenders in the industry who can (in most cases) finance these costs into your loan. The following are some of the most commonly requested improvements:

A new home from Titan Factory Direct starts with a solid foundation, ensuring the longevity of your home. While your manufactured home is constructed in a climate-controlled factory, there must be a foundation in place at the site prior to setting your home. There are several types of foundations to choose from. No matter the type that your mobile home requires, our team of experts will ensure that your foundation provides the necessary stability and structure.


Every manufactured home will need utilities including sewer, water, and electric. If your land requires a septic system, our professional housing consultants will guide you in deciding which type of system is best, as well as assist in selecting a licensed contractor to install the system. Additionally, the contractor will take care of securing the necessary permits, inspections, soil tests, and manage the excavation and installation of the system. 


Your water may be from a public water system or a well. If you will have a public water system, a water line is run from your home to the street. When a well is used as the water source, permits must be obtained and the water well must be clean have sufficient flow. Whether a well or local water lines, our housing specialists will assist with all of the necessary arrangements.


For electric power, an electrician will be required to connect the electrical system of your home to the power source. Our team has relationships with licensed electricians and will facilitate the communication, answer questions and handle appointment scheduling.


Skirting not only enhances the visual appeal of your mobile home, but it provides protection from the outside elements, debris and animals. There are a variety of skirting materials and textures to choose from including rock, metal, vinyl and hardboard. Below are samples of each of these types of skirting:

Skirting Collage.jpg

No matter what size job your land requires for your manufactured, mobile or trailer home, Titan will help in every phase of the process - from foundation, sewer, water, and electric, to skirting and even landscaping. It all starts with a complimentary onsite inspection of your land. During this meeting , our contractor will meet with you in-person, walk your property and provide you with a professional report on the findings.

To schedule your free on-site property inspection, contact us today. Visit our website to shop our homes and be sure to subscribe to our blog for valuable news and helpful tips.

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