As the exciting Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches many people who have never hosted before may begin to stress, but fear not! Titan has tips for you on how to prepare for Thanksgiving, These Thanksgiving tips will help guide you so that you have a beautiful and stress free Thanksgiving! If you have a Titan mobile home designed with holiday hosting in mind then some of your stress should already be melting away, but regardless of your home type these tips will work for you!


The first thing you may be thinking is “who is coming and what they are bringing!” which is why our first Thanksgiving tip is to create a guest list, invite your guest with a formal letter or informal text message, the important thing is that all of your guests know a time and a place. As the host of the party it is also important that your delegate as preparing a thanksgiving feast alone can be quite overwhelming and what is Thanksgiving without some sharing, so for this Thanksgiving tip don't be afraid to ask family and friends to bring food, drinks, or cutlery! This next Thanksgiving tip is arguably the most important and will allow you to have a great time too. Take some time to relax. If you own a Titan mobile home then the master bedroom is your perfect oasis from all of the holiday chaos. 

When hosting a Thanksgiving gathering in your mobile home or modular home food is going to be one of the most exciting parts of Thanksgiving day but there are a few things you need to be prepared for. First thing you should think about is the amount of food that you need to prepare for your guest, ideally you would like for there to even be leftovers for you guests. If you have a Titan mobile home then you have more than enough room to entertain a large family, but you should make sure that your fridge also has plenty of space to hold any cold dishes or desserts. Another tip to make hosting thanksgiving in your mobile home easier is to start early or the night before for your cleaning and cooking so that the morning of you won't be rushing and not have a plan on how to prepare for Thanksgiving.

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The last tips we have on how to prepare for Thanksgiving are about the most fun part, decorating! Our first recommendation is to have a designated seating area, this could be inside or outside as long as guests know where to sit. Our next tip on how to prepare for thanksgiving is to create an inviting atmosphere, have decorations out and create a fall themed table, when you look back in photos you want it to be clear that it is Thanksgiving. Our last tip for how to prepare for Thanksgiving is to have music playing, toys out for the kids, and put the football game or a movie on, this thanksgiving tip is going to ensure that no one gets bored. If you have a Titan Factory direct manufactured home built for entertaining, having a second living room will make keeping everyone entertained easy!

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With these Thanksgiving tips you are sure to have a great holiday meal!  Whether you have a mobile home or not, thinking about how to prepare for Thanksgiving can be overwhelming but this guide is a great way to decompress and relax. Thanksgiving is about coming together and being thankful so be sure to enjoy all of your special holiday moments, to learn more about our Single Wide and Double Wide manufactured homes that are built for entertaining request information!

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