Fall is here. The time for scent and flavors of Pumpkin Spice, endless Fall and Winter decorations in stores, shorter days and temperatures decreasing. Although summer has ended, that doesn't mean that taking care your lawn has to end too.  

 Fall is actually a great time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming growing season. Take these 5 easy steps and you'll find yourself towards a healthy lush lawn by next spring.  


Don't Stop Mowing  

Continue to water and mow your lawn as needed throughout the fall. During this time, our lawns are absorbing all the nutrients and moisture it can in preparation for a long winter. As you continue to take care your lawn, a couple of weeks before the end of fall, lower your blade for the final couple cuts to allow more sunlight to reach the crown of your grass (where the grass grows from the ground).  




There are many advantages to fertilizing your lawn which includes maintaining a strong root system, delivering essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots and staying ahead of the game of what could be a strong winter.   

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. Why you ask? Grass leaves grow much slower as the weather turns cool, but the grass roots and rhizomes (horizontal plant stem that produces the blades of the grass and the roots below) continue to grow quickly. You will want to make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits of keeping your lawn healthy for the start of a new spring.    


Rake the Leaves  

Aside from creating a huge pile of leaves and having fun sinking ourselves into them, you must always rake up fallen leaves, twigs and other debris as soon as possible. If not done so, a tightly packed mat will suffocate the grass allowing trap moisture to create mold and other harmful fungal diseases that can kill your grass.   

Regardless if you use a rake, leaf blower or lawnmower to rid the leaves, do yourself and lawn a favor; be sure to remove the leaves before they turn into a soggy, air stealing, suffocating mess.     


Aerate the Soil  

Fall is also an ideal time to aerate your yawn so that oxygen, water and fertilizer can easily reach your grass's roots. What other benefits are there? Well, enhanced soil water uptake, reduced water runoff and puddling, reduced soil compaction and enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance are just a few of the many to list.   

Lawn-weed-control-and-prevention.jpg Be Gone Weeds  

Now is the time to fight back! Weeds, like most plants are in energy-absorbing mode during fall. They soak up everything that comes their way, including weed killers. Be sure to apply herbicide now so the weeds don’t return in the spring. Make sure to read package labels before use to see what the manufacturers recommend.   

 As the seasons begin to change, these tips can surely help you maximize your lawn's health into looking great for the upcoming year.    


We hope you found these easy how to steps helpful and are able to have a healthy luscious lawn by the upcoming year. Let us know what you think about these steps, do you have some great helpful tips? Let us know!  For more helpful tips and info, subscribe to our blog 

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