Factory built homes are constructed with the same materials as site built homes. The only difference between the two is where the house is built. Plenty of people would argue that factory built homes actually have some benefits over site built homes. These beautiful houses are being built in a factory, but without being told that, you would never know! Nowadays manufactured homes are a highly comparable option to site built, and even have some perks! 



Here are the top 3 reasons we think Factory Built is the way to go!

  • Homes built in factories are not exposed to the elements. When built in a climate controlled factory all the building materials are safe from rain, snow, ice and harsh sunlight. This ensures that nothing is damaged during the building process by mother nature. 
  • Construction in the factory happens rain or shine. While site built construction has to take days off when it rains or snows, the building process does not discontinue in the factories, so these houses can be built in a fraction of the time it takes for a site built home. 
  • Factories use jigs to create perfect angles. Construction on site built homes leaves margin for error because these angles and corners are being created by humans. The use of jigs eliminates these imperfections. 
If you have been considering going with a manufactured housing option then check out some of these amazing options, you might be surprised by what you find! Manufactured homes have the same look as site built homes, but take less time to build and costs 10-20% less! That sounds like a pretty big perk to me! 


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