Warmer weather is here and you know what that means? Spring cleaning! If you're anything like us, cleaning isn't your favorite pastime, but it doesn't have to be an intimidating task.

Decluttering your home is one easy step that can help make spring cleaning simpler. Did you know clutter actually costs you money and time? Get rid of that clutter and kick off your spring cleaning!


81492414_10156589587875925_7060934296277614592_oSpend Time to Go Through Your Stuff

Taking inventory can help show how little we actually use on a daily basis. See something on a shelf you haven't used in months? Do you have duplicates of items like books or kitchen utensils? Sell it or donate it to charity! Those things will benefit someone else’s life by being used.


Make a List of Your Possessions

Begin with one item at a time, and discuss with your family or roommates which items should stay and which should go. With a little bit of elbow grease, together you can relieve the mountains of stress that a messy environment can bring.


88204926_10156743459005925_8256864327781318656_oSet Goals for Yourself

Before you get started, decide your overall goals for decluttering. Is it to get more organized, or are you wanting to embrace a more minimalist life? Are you needing more space to work from home, or is an older parent coming to live with you? Having a better idea of why you want to declutter can keep you motivated during the process.

89345593_10156750666585925_710313828990058496_oThe next step is start off in smaller sections. Start by making smaller, manageable goals to accomplish what you want. First, pick one room, and focus on that room until it is clear. If it’s your bathroom, don’t overwhelm yourself with a whole room. Instead treat each drawer, toiletry bag and shelf as an individual tasks. Finishing one space at a time will give you little victories to cheer you on until the room is completely organized. 


81010392_10156547852545925_5467236756396965888_oDeclutter Your Desk And Counter Spaces

Assess the desk and counter spaces in your home. While stacking bills, letters and magazines in a pile can clear off a spot temporarily, it's best to file them in their proper place to look at later.

As you move things around, valuable desks space can open up, and a chaotic mess can slowly transform into an organized and efficient space.


88091282_10156748234920925_2509342863255404544_oGet Organized With Storage Space And Shelving

Built-in storage areas allow you to find a place for everything, whether it be the closet or the pantry! In many of our homes, we offer great space-saving features like built-in shelves, office nooks and mudrooms that will help make spring cleaning a breeze.

By understanding what areas of your home need organization, you'll be able to build a spring cleaning agenda that's best for you and your family in order to maximize your space and declutter your home.


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