The holidays are a stressful time for a lot of people. Between the shopping, cooking and decorating, who has any time for family or friends? Let's change that this year! We've put together some tips for how to make decorating for Christmas a simple task, so you can get back to what this season is really about! 


1. Have a plan for your tree. Instead of decorating by the seat of your pants, try putting a plan together first! This way there will be no chance of redecorating, which can be time consuming! Most decorators recommend this order: lights, garlands, plain ornaments in the same color, and finally any unique ornaments.

2. If you are planning to decorate the outside of your home, use big items instead of lots of smaller decorations. These reindeer are adorable, and simple to set up! Also, try to get this decorating done early in the season so you don't have to work in the cold! 


4. Having a mantel makes indoor decorating much easier! Nothing screams Christmas like stockings hung by the fireplace, and there are tons of inexpensive options out there! Add a pretty garland or wreath and voila, you're ready for Christmas! 


5. A wreath is always a safe bet. There are some beautiful ones out there, but they are also pretty simple to make yourself. There are over 50 options here, try one out this year! Whether it is for your front door or an indoor decoration, a homemade wreath is sure to spark conversation, especially this wine cork one! 


Most stores drop their prices on Christmas decorations to 75% off the day after Christmas, so try to collect a few things each year! Also, get the whole family involved. Decorating together can give you some great quality family time, all while getting the house ready for Christmas! For more great holiday ideas check out our Pinterest board!


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