With one of the largest selections of manufactured home floor plans, the choices can become overwhelming. When it comes to choosing the right manufactured home floor plan, we want to be sure you are getting everything you dream of, and at the same time make sure that you are meeting your budget. So, what is the most affordable floor plan series’ that Titan has to offer? While all Titan homes are built with quality and affordability in mind, the Redman series is our most affordable line of manufactured home floor plans. All Titan floor plans are built by Champion Homes, a leader in manufactured housing for over 60 years. The Redman series is an affordable mobile home option that offers all of the quality build standard that Champion factories and Titan Factory Direct provides, but can offer greater build discounts by providing less customization options.


The quality of construction for any manufactured home starts with the frame. All our champion homes are built with a solid steel I-beam frame compared to corrugated frames that other factories produce. Our single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes are built with a thicker and stronger 10–12 inch I-beam steel frame, as compared to the industry standard 8 inch frame. While in production we take pride in making sure our homes last for a lifetime, and we do this by spraying the steel with a marine grade anti-corrosion spray to prevent rusting. The quality in our frame construction ensures that as any affordable mobile home leaves our factory and travels a long distance, that your home is safe and protected.


The Redman affordable mobile home series is built with additional height for a more open feel with 8ft sidewalls. The walls are frames with 2x4 wall studs, which is an upgrade from the industry standards of 2x2 wall studs, and can be further upgraded if you wish. All our Redman models use VOG wall panels available in different colors and patterns, including shiplap and wood designs. In order to keep these affordable mobile homes the most cost efficient, there are only a few upgrades available. With each Champion homes series there are different design options that can be made with our consultants at a Titan Factory Direct location.


The kitchens in our Redman series by Champion Homes are built with 12 in. cabinets, with consideration of depth and height to allow more room for storage. All cabinets are also lined and finished to give a complete look and immediate use. Champion home factories are one of the few manufacturers to fully line their bottom cabinets in even their most affordable floor plans. The countertops in our Redman series are made with Laminate Formica, which are heat and scratch resistant. That means you can take that casserole straight out of the oven and set it directly on the counter without fear of burning or damaging your counter! For homeowners, durability is not just about withstanding heavy impacts, it can also mean how  your countertops will handle the repeated daily use and wear. That’s why Champion home floor plans keep durability and quality in mind on all of our manufactured home floor plans.


Can you believe that this is the standard of what our manufactured home floor plans are built with? These affordable mobile homes in our Redman series are perfect if you are looking for cost effective options with the luxury living touch.  There are many other options to upgrade your Champion built Titan Factory Direct home to add even more savings. Have more questions? We'd be happy to answer and educate on the endless options available. 



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