Tiny homes, also known as park model rvs, can be extremely satisfying to look at, but when you’re ready to move from pinning images of them on Pinterest to actually owning one, a number of tricky real world challenges arise. If your dream is to finance and invest into a tiny home, most home lenders are open to helping you move forward with your new park model home purchase.

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Because of the tiny home stereotype popularized by popular TV shows, a lender may have concerns. They may ask some of the following questions:

  • Where will the home be located?
  • Who built this tiny home? How was the home constructed?
  • Is your tiny home safe?
  • Can you move your tiny home? Will it have a permanent foundation?
  • How do you intend to use your new tiny home? As a permanent residency? A vacation home?


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You can confidently answer all of these questions knowing our homes are built with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction on all our Titan tiny homes.

Where will the home be located?campground 3-1600x1067

Your lender will need to know if your new park model home will be located. Will it be on land that you own or if it will be in a micro-living community. Wherever you may place your home, it will be built with the local zoning and building codes in mind so that your home will comply with all applicable construction requirements.


Who built this tiny home? How was the home constructed?Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 4.23.05 PM

Based on the popularity of people building their own Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs), your lender will want to make sure the home is built by a qualified builder. Titan Park Model homes are built in compliance with ANSI housing standards and are built by trained carpenters and skilled tradesmen to meet the proper building code. Constructed indoors in a controlled factory environment, our park model homes are inspected at every phase of the home construction process, ensuring high quality standards are met.


Is your tiny home safe?

Because your tiny home has been built to all applicable state and local building requirements, it is just as safe as of our other homes that are built according to applicable building code. Additionally, lenders may be concerned about the safety of the home once it is set up and on-site construction is finished. Your home will be built on a secure, permanent foundation, so yes, it is surely safe.


Will it have a permanent foundation? 

Titan Park Model RVs are off-frame modular homes which means after being delivered to the final land site, the new tiny home will be removed from the steel frame and permanently placed on the recommended foundation for your area.


How do you intend to use your tiny home? As a permanent residency, a vacation home?22041914_1544259792278840_7247117751973788268_o-2

Despite the fact that the majority of park model RVs are used as seasonal vacation dwellings, your lender may want to know this for the same reason they would want to know if you’re purchasing a vacation property or a rental home.

If your new tiny home will be your favorite luxurious destination for vacation, your lender may require a reserve and a down payment that will likely be higher.


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